Droughtmaster  National  Bull Sale

17 September 2019


Lots 27 - 36


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LOT 27.png

If you’re wanting to put a good broad head, size & weight for age into your cattle, Way Out West is the bull for you. 

He oozes sire appeal and is just a baby to boot at 19 months of age.  He displays all the quality traits that all beef producers need.

He carries himself well, stands on good bone, has a great hooded eye and broad muzzle.

He's long and strong with tremendous depth of body and a good square hindquarter.

This bull will breed on; the consistency is in his recipe sired by Leverdale Bear and greats like Glenlands Fabel II and Swan 1636.

LOT 28.png

Bold by design, long as a Moura coal train and packed full of red meat. 

This big, powerful, upstanding prospect is a real package.  Blessed with a brilliant underline and standing on good bone. 

His sire Real Deal has been kicking goals for the Rondel stable.  Vintage Crop is further backed by powerful genetics in Rondel Kenworth & Billabong Monty on the top side and past greats Minlacowie Moses and Billabong Godfrey on the bottom side.  

LOT 29.png

If you're searching for a powerful bull with the built in dehorners then look no further than Rondel Voodoo. 

He's thick, he's clean, he's strong.  The heaviest bull in the draft, he's a must inspect for Beef Producers looking for some bang for their buck.  On the top side he has the powerful, homebred, polled sire in Rondel Kenworth complimented by Medway Olivevale, Billabong Icelander and Minlacowie Moses on the bottom side.

LOT 30.png

Be sure to mark this bull in your catalogue.  

Valentino boasts correctness, with a broad sirey head, tremendous length and power and a bombproof temperament to boot.  

He is by Rondel 4003, an up and coming sire really proving his worth.  His bloodline further features past greats such as the ever consistent Valeview Overload, the powerful, homebred, polled sire Rondel Kenworth, Jasanda Duke and Minlacowie Moses.

A bull with real sire prospect. 

Blessed with a tropical sleek coat; he's as deep as a Winton bore with a lovely broad head and big muzzle. 

If you're in the market for a contenty bull with a bit more ear, then look no further. 

Valentine Holmes is soft and supple with an impeccable sheath. 

Backed by top shelf genetics in Billabong Monty and Rondel Kenworth on the top side and Glenlands Oath and Rondel King-Kong on the bottom side.

LOT 31.png
LOT 32.png

Roll the dice, don't dare think twice about inspecting Lot 32. 

Vegas is another sire in the making in the Rondel line up. 

His stand out features are his strong, sirey head; his length and correctness; his clean underline. 

He's by the leading sire Rondel Preston who's semen fetched $1000 a straw at Beef 2018.

LOT 33.png

Vonzipper is a standout bull in the Rondel line up.  This fella ticks all the boxes. 

Bomb proof temperament.


Good coat.




He's by the highly regarded, first season sire Rondel Snowman.  Further backed by Billabong Icelander and Needmor 378 on the top side, with Rondel Oonaroo and Billabong Monty on the bottom side.

LOT 34.png

Buyers park your peepers on this bull. 

An easy doing, upstanding polled bull with depth of flank, a smooth tropical coat and an extra rib or two.

One of the first calves to hit the sale ring by our highly regarded, first season sire Rondel Snowman. 

His breeding also features Billabong Icelander and Glenlands Nationality.

LOT 35.png

The youngest from the Rondel stable at just 19 months of age. 

Western Star displays tremendous length and depth with a tidy underline.  An easy doing bull that's easy to get excited about. 

Buyers, if putting a good head on your progeny is at the top of your shopping list then Western Star is the bull for you. 

This bull will breed on, the consistency is in his recipe sired by Leverdale Bear.

Lamont Kelvin and Needmor 378 also feature in the Dam side of his breeding.

LOT 36.png

Whether it be softness or built in dehorners; a good broad head or great muscle pattern; sleek coat or an extra spring of rib that you're searching for Wetherby has it.  He's easy on the eye just like his sire, Leverdale Bear who consistently breeds true to type.  The dam side impresses with Glenlands Nostalga, Vale View Overload and Glenlands Fabel II.

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