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Bold by design, long as a Moura coal train and packed full of red meat. 

This big, powerful, upstanding prospect is a real package.  Blessed with a brilliant underline and standing on good bone. 

His sire Real Deal has been kicking goals for the Rondel stable.  Vintage Crop is further backed by powerful genetics in Rondel Kenworth & Billabong Monty on the top side and past greats Minlacowie Moses and Billabong Godfrey on the bottom side.  

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Age   Den  Scr  P8  Rib  EMA  Sem  Morp  Wgt

(mths)                  (cm)                                              (%)           (%)        (kg)

 27     2     40.5  11   7     143    85       71   956


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2019 Sale Results.jpg